Getting Here

 Undoubtedly taking the  bus is the cheapest way to get to unawatuna. Since the opening of Katunayaka ( Colombo Airport city) to Colombo and Colombo to Galle expressways, the time taken for the journey
is being reduced ( 2 Hours By Car)Significantly . How ever few points worth of note.
There is no direct bus from Colombo. you may have to transfer at least two buses, if you wish to take the express way it will be three buses.
Katunayaka to colombo (pettah central bus stop) – take rout #  187 -E3 express bus from Katunayake Airport Bus Station (This is the cheapest way to get into Colombo. The public bus (number 187-E3), is operated by Sri Lankan Transport Board (SLTB), to Colombo bus station from the airport. Come out of the airport, turn left and walk all the way to the end of the building, cross the road and you will see a big blue bus in the car park. You will not find any signs, so do ask airport personnel if in doubt. The cost is LKR110 (as of March 2015) and it takes about an hour along E3 highway to Colombo bus depot (Pettah central bus stop).  Note only large blue A/C buses (187-E3) go into the airport. )
image (1)
From Pettah central bus stop, take rout # 138 Colombo- Maharagama or Colombo- Homagama bus to maharagama. will cost you 50 Rupees and is a non air-conditioned bus. Alternativelly you can take a cab. this is nearly a 25 km journey. and is the most time consuming part of the bus travel, as the bus passes through the congested colombo sub-urbs.
 pettah maharagama
From Maharagama, take the Maharagama -Galle Ex001 bus. This is a one and a half hour journey and will cost you 500 rupees, and you can alight the bus either at DEWATA,  where the expressway meet the Galle- Matara road. unawatuna beach is 2 km away from this spot. you can also  choose to alight at Galle , the final stop of the bus, but this will take you back towards Colombo another 3 kilometers on the old Colombo- Galle Road. 
maharagama devata
D)  from Dewata, you can either take a Tuk- Tuk ( a local transport mode, which is essentially a three wheeled carriage) at a cost of around 100 to 200 rupees. you might give us a call at this point, for directions as Santori is a new establishment ( so not many TUk -Tuk drivers know it by name) and is situated further in to the Unawatuna village.
image (3)image (4)
2. you may take a cab or let us arrange airport pick -up for you. this is definitely the fastest and trouble free method, but as well set you back around 10,000 to 13,000 rupees.

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